Top 7 CLT Structures

In the fourth and final blog of our CLT series, Karl Heinz Weiss, one of the world’s foremost pioneers of cross-laminated timber and our CEO, has selected his favourite 7 CLT buildings.  In no particular order…

Hill-Side House Austria


Photograph: KLH Massivholz

The Hill-Side House in Austria is an early example of how best to design with CLT – both efficiently and using the product properties i.e. secondary direction of the product to achieve cantilevers in two directions. An excellent example showing the beauty of the product shown through the simplicity of the design.

Architect(s): Ulli Koller and Thomas Stiegler  /  CLT Supply & Install:  KLH Massivholz

MK 40 Tower


The 19 metre high  MK 40 Tower was designed by dRMM to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Milton Keynes becoming a city.  The intelligent design of the tower with the CLT internal spiral staircase and external stairs at the top, enhances the visitor experience on route to the viewing platforms and panoramic views of the city.

MKG Forty Tower 2_ACMK40_PH_UKN_3014 (med res)

All photographs: Alex de Rijke, dRMM

The CLT was left exposed to the elements for a 12 month period with very little treatment required.

Architect(s): dRMM  /  CLT Supply & Install:  KLH UK

Kingsdale School

KS_PH_UKN_0002 (low res)

Kingsdale School Music and Sports buildings were the first large-scale CLT projects in the UK.  The sculptural roof geometry, together with inventive cladding details created simultaneously large and small internal/external scales.  Completed in 2006, dRMM’s design shows a good understanding of the material, the properties and the limitations.


All photographs: Alex de Rijke, dRMM

Architect(s): dRMM  /  CLT Supply & Install:  KLH UK

Stadthaus Residential Development, Murray Grove


Stadthaus, Murray Grove was the first 9 storey residential CLT project in world consisting of 29 private and affordable housing.   Designed by Waugh Thistleton the CLT panels formed a cellular structure of timber load bearing walls, including all stair and lift cores, with timber floor slabs.  The complete timber superstructure was built in 28 days by a team of four men.

Stadthaus pushed the boundaries of solid timber and changed CLT construction world-wide.



All photographs: Will Pryce

Architect(s): Waugh Thistleton  /  CLT Supply & Install:  KLH UK

Forte Living


Forte Living residential development, will be the tallest CLT residential structure  in the world when it is completed this month (December 2012).  The structure sets new standards, not only in height (10 floors) but also in design for seismic conditions with the escape stair being constructed in exposed timber.

Forte is the first major CLT project in Asia-Pacific, and was driven by the environmental ambitions of the developer Lend Lease, and their desire to change how the construction industry operates in Australia.  This project demonstrates how CLT can influence not only design and engineering, but also the much wider economic, social and political environment.


All images: Lend Lease

Architect(s): Lend Lease  /  CLT Supply:  KLH Massivholz

Open Academy Norwich

SR Open Academy Hi-Res Images 007

The Open Academy Norwich is an excellent example of how solid timber can be used both economically and efficiently in large-scale projects, whilst still making a significant environmental impact.  Again, the project set new standards in the application of CLT as a building material, even beyond the UK.

SR Open Academy Hi-Res Images 026

All photographs: Hufton & Crow, courtesy of KLH UK 

Architect(s): Sheppard Robson  /  CLT Supply & Install:  KLH UK

‘The Hive’ Worcester Library and History Centre


The Hive comprises of a solid timber roof cone structure built from CLT and glulam.  Prefabricated off-site the  CLT panels and glulam beams were used to form box sections which when installed on-site formed the roof structure.

The form of the solid timber cones were challenging to manufacture but provide an excellent example of how well-coordinated design, engineering, project management and CAD/CAM processes can lead to an outstanding result.

P1020057IMG_2576 (modified)

Architect(s): Fielden Clegg Bradley  /  CLT Supply & Install:  KLH UK

These are Karl Heinz’s favourite CLT buildings, what are yours?  Let us know what you think?


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